14 weeks and 4 days

A letter to my unborn child,

We have officially known that you are a boy for almost a week now. It surprised me very much, I was just sure you were a girl! I had a dream and your name was Madelynn, but I guess that was just my head playing tricks on me! I am so excited to meet you and it has made your dad even more excited to meet you. The first thing he said when he found out that you were a boy was, “I need to buy ALL THE HOT WHEELS!” Your dad played with Hot Wheels when he was little, so naturally he thinks you will be into cars as well. I told him it’s possible you might take after me and be more interested in cooking and artistic things, but he just smiles and says he’ll play with the toy cars himself.

We think your name might be James Theodore Bengston, but we’re not 100% sure yet. Your dad likes the sound of Theo and we’re not sure about people calling you Jimmy or Jim for short for James… but maybe we’re over thinking it! I like the idea of you having JT as a short name, but I guess we’ll linger on it a bit longer… we have 6 more months after all! What if you come out and you don’t look like a James or a Theodore?!


I think I might be able to feel you move but I’m not sure because of how fleeting and light the moment is. When we did a ultrasound at 13 weeks, you had the hiccups and were jumping all around! You had your legs crossed the entire time, so we didn’t get to find out your gender that day, but we did do a blood test and found out a few days later! I found out before your dad because the lady called while he was still at work. When she told me, I was so excited! I wanted to tell your daddy in a special way, so I decided that we’d cheers to the gender of the baby, except I had written on his beer bottle, “It’s a boy!” He didn’t notice at first, and was waiting for me to tell him, but I told him, “I wrote it on the bottle!” He was so excited and smiled so big!


We can’t wait to move into the new house so we can start decorating and designing your nursery. We want to do a Woodlands and Totoro Themed nursery. I also like the idea of a Montessori Nursery where everything is kid-sized and down at your level so you can self-entertain and get to things that would otherwise be too tall! We will most likely start you off in a crib and then transition you onto a floor bed, but we’ll see.

I’ve been so hungry this past week, you’re making your momma crazy! I can’t eat enough and get tired of thinking of new things to eat. My favorite so far is watermelon, anything sour like candy or salt and vinegar chips, and sweet foods like chocolate, and anything savory like a good thick soup.

Mommy loves you and daddy says hi!


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