I feel you move so much now

A letter to my unborn child,

This is your daddy when he was being taken home from the hospital. Isn’t he so cute! I like to wonder and think, “Is this how my little baby boy is going to look?”


I’ve been feeling you move inside my belly a lot this week. I have a feeling I’m going to have to get used to it from now on! I couldn’t get comfortable and fall asleep a few nights ago because you were all curled up on my left side and I couldn’t get you to budge! Mommy is only 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant and already having issues, these next few months are going to be a battle, I can tell already!

I love it when I feel you move, it makes me feel closer to you and helps me bond with you. I always call daddy in when I feel you moving around a lot and he gets so excited to feel you kick. It makes me so excited and it makes me want to meet you more and more. You are so wiggly already, I can just picture how much you will move when you are in this world.


I started to really pop out this past week, especially as of yesterday 16 weeks, 5 days). There’s no hiding you in my belly anymore! Mommy will need to buy some special clothes to make sure you’re comfortable in there. It was very hot yesterday, even though it’s half way though August, so I can’t wait until it starts cooling down.


Daddy and I had a gift card to Target and went and bought you some of the cutest little onesies! This one has cars on it (daddy’s favorite thing!) and it is for a newborn. We hope you will fit into it when you arrive in the world. I don’t know if you will be a big baby or a little baby. Daddy also picked out a 4 pack of onesies that have lions on them. He was very excited to buy those for you.

I think about what your room will look like all of the time. We want to move into the new house on Broadway so bad! I want to set up a sewing room so that I can make diapers and clothes for you. I have had many hours of researching and finding patterns for you and can’t wait to make something.

We love you so much already.


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