Trying Desperately NOT To Be An Grumpy Pregnant Lady

Man it’s hard. This whole pregnancy thing. Not BEING pregnant, but people KNOWING you’re pregnant. I know everyone warned me that there would be a lot of unwanted advice, but holy cow! I’m only 18 weeks pregnant and it’s already making me mad!

It’s probably more pronounced in my situation seeing as I want to try a Montessori nursery, I’m a vegan pregnant woman, I want to use Cloth Diapers, etc etc. What honestly makes me the most grumpy is when I say something, anything on facebook or in person, to someone and they’re response is:

“Oh you think ____ is bad now, just wait until your baby is here” or

“Oh, that’ll be changing soon enough!” or

“You’re life is going to suck balls when your baby gets here” or

“You won’t be able to get anything done” or

“You and your husband’s relationship is going to struggle when the baby gets here” or

“You THINK you’re going to do cloth diapers, but just wait.. it’ll be 2 months”.

For some reason that last one makes me the most angry. I literally just say nothing back to the person. Everyone said the same exact thing when I became a vegan. “Oh… you’ll last a few months but then BACON.” Like really?! How about some support here, like “OH WOW that’s a great goal for yourself. It will be so rewarding when you stay with what you’ve planned!”

I’m learning very fast to just smile and keep my secrets to myself. If I want to do a floor bed instead of a crib and cloth diapers instead of disposables, I have my husband’s support and that’s all I need!!

Just a small rant from me today. 🙂


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