Sewing Maniac!!

Ever since we purchased our new home, I decided I would have my DREAM and create a craft room. And since I’m pregnant with a baby boy, what a better thing to take up my time but with making him things to wear! I’ve been on a sewing binge! Here’s what I’ve made so far and the links to the patterns for you! I’ve only made free things so far.

Newborn All in One Diaper (AIO)

12033206_10156000809525567_4180942953069640447_n 12065986_10156000809475567_7731467666605948873_n


Took some of my husband’s jeans and made a hidden PUL Jean diaper. It actually broke my needle, so definitely if you’re going to mess around with jean material, get a jean needle!!

One Size (OS) AIO

12088265_10156023682555567_6629266986600185254_n 12088575_10156023682570567_8636248610011661373_n

OS AIO Diaper (Same pattern as the jean diaper)

12079209_10156001417175567_2788099399814209909_n 12072667_10156001417250567_3127027312633295930_n

Brindle and Twig’s Free Hoodie Pattern

I did the 0-3 month size since James will be this age during the cold weather. Best pattern yet. Super easy instructions to follow and TONS of options to choose from. Highly recommend this pattern and I will be buying ALL of their patterns in the very near future! I used Anti-Pill Fleece to make this.

12112386_10156052676960567_5916483619153716562_n 12107020_10156052679185567_841797375853579859_n 12096123_10156052676990567_5258135189445560642_n

Kimono Shirt pattern from Simplicity. I bought this pattern at Joann Fabric for around $3 and it was definitely a lot harder than any other pattern I’ve followed.


Here’s the rest of the fabric I have to make a few more things for him! Next on my adventures will be maternity clothes, because quite frankly, that stuff is EXPENSIVE! I am not fitting into my pre-pregnancy sweaters and it’s causing quite a lot of stress in my life. So I might just go buy a $10 pattern and some fabric and make some myself.




(The monkey fabric is going to be used for the unpaper towel’s I plan on making!! Eeeek!)


One thought on “Sewing Maniac!!

  1. aerraadesigns says:

    Congrats to you on your new addition to the family, and I love the idea of a craft room. Love your imagination.

    If you should need some one of a kind fabrics, please visit my shop site, just type in your URL box: — and there you will see my designs. They are available in 17 types of fabrics, along with wallpaper and wrapping paper, too.

    After you visit my shop, please do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts and your needs for fabrics.

    Thanks so much for sharing your new baby ware ideas. aer raa

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